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Russ Stephenson has represented all of Raleigh since 2005. As an At-Large Councilor and past Mayor Pro Tem, he has helped lead Raleigh’s rise to the top of national rankings - attracting the best jobs and companies by balancing a high quality of life with an affordable cost of living. 

One foundation of Raleigh’s success has been our innovative city planning. As a LEED accredited architect and urban designer, Russ has been a leading Council voice in setting strategic policy goals for sustained prosperity. Those policy goals focus on quality public and private investments that are cost-effective, environmentally sound and promote economic opportunities for all. 

But bringing growth policy expertise to the table is only half the job. In these times when building bridges between diverging views is a lost art, Russ has a reputation for active listening and building consensus among diverse stakeholders. Russ is passionate about making Raleigh a great city and is committed to building bridges that lead to our shared prosperity.

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Two members serve on council at-large; voters can cast a vote for one or two of the four candidates running.

We think the two incumbents, Russ Stephenson and Mary-Ann Baldwin, have earned re-election. Neither of the other two candidates is a credible alternative.

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