Russ has served on the Raleigh City Council for ten years. Guided always by the highest ethical standards, he has applied his architectural and urban design and planning expertise to create an equitable, sustainable plan for our city’s future.


Russ' passion shines through his in-depth engagement across boundaries with citizens, developers, and city staff, facilitating independent and informed ideas and conversations to reach community consensus and advance excellence.  

2015 is a critical time in Raleigh's growth trajectory as we adopt new long-range strategies in the shape of a new and largely untested set of growth regulations, the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). As we grapple with these changes and their effects, Russ’ depth of knowledge of the UDO and its guiding strategic policies, the 30-year Comprehensive Plan, is invaluable. This expertise enables him not only to understand these policy issues in depth, but provide the foresight to envision their effects into the future for various stakeholders.

Some of Russ’ major accomplishments to date include:

  • Presenting informed and experienced guidance on growth and development issues
  • Leading voice on 2030 Comprehensive Plan and new Unified Development Ordinance
  • Heading the conversation on affordable housing
  • NC-APA_Awards_Morrisville_(1).jpgProviding progressive leadership on sustainability and environmental questions
  • Conducting expert input on historic preservation issues
  • Voted for new City Manager, to carry Raleigh forward into the 21st century with fresh ideas, energy, and a more transparent, collaborative management style.
  • Led highly successful water conservation initiatives in wake of 2007-08 drought, 
  • At forefront of building boom developer impact fees
  • Championed inclusion of Complete Streets policies in Comprehensive Plan.
  • Continued leadership to better align new Unified Development Ordinance rules with Comprehensive Plan policy goals
  • Led efforts to fund more area planning, including current Cameron Village/Hillsborough Street Small Area Plans 

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