Russ is endorsed by

  • Raleigh Police Protective Association
  • Raleigh Firefighters Association
  • Democratic Women of Wake County
  • Wake County Democratic Party
  • News & Observer
  • Indy Week
  • RWCA - Raleigh Wake Citizens Association
  • Wake County Voter Education Coalition
  • Equality NC
  • Sierra Club

Read why individuals, organizations, colleagues, and constituents support Russ and add your own testimonial. 

“Russ is what we want in a public servant – he’s earnest and hardworking. He finds win-win solutions that have contributed greatly to the high quality of life we enjoy in Raleigh.” Josh Stein, NC State Senator

“Russ is a hard worker, active listener, and honest broker for consensus solutions. He never fails to stand up for his principles and always puts the city's best interests first”. Nancy McFarlane – Mayor of Raleigh

“Russ is what we always want in a public servant. Earnest, and hardworking, he listens, does his homework, and for 10 years on Council has stood up for our schools and our neighborhoods.” Christine Kushner -Chair, Wake Board of Education

“Russ’s personal involvement had a sea change effect in the winning outcome for our neighborhood. He met with the neighbors, assessed the situation and proposed a solution that was fair to all. Russ is an advocate for what is right, and his integrity, knowledge, and commitment shines through.” Gene Senecal - North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners

“Russ is committed to preserving historic and African American neighborhoods. His passion for social justice is showcased in his dedication to public education, public transportation, and affordable housing”. Dr. Earl Johnson – President, Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association

“Russ always responds quickly to my concerns, and I trust him to find thoughtful solutions that will help my business prosper.” Andy Andrews IV -  President, Dominion Partners

“Russ is committed to preserving and celebrating Raleigh's cultural heritage and promoting its key value to Raleigh's unique identity and greatness. Russ's leadership will be vital to the work ahead. He'll continue to be bold and reach out to citizens all along the way. He'll work to leverage transit sites and all city investments to get a lot more affordable housing, citizen interchange, the arts and public green space, all to compliment the densities in Raleigh's future. “Anne Franklin, Co-Chair, Downtown Plan Advisory Committee

“Russ stands up for low-wealth and underserved families because he understands the importance of shared prosperity and inclusive community”. Chris Parrish - President, Parrish Manor, Nessie Foundation 

“Russ understands the language and concepts of our city planning in a way that not many do.  He recognizes that it is important to balance preserving our history and unique character with accommodating the influx of new residents.  No other city councilor works harder, smarter, or with more enthusiasm for Raleigh’s neighborhoods than Russ, so for me, it’s Russ for Raleigh!” Sallie Ricks - retired NC State Campus Planner, Past President of University Park Homeowners Association, Artist, Community Organizer

“Council decisions have big impacts on our neighbor-hood and Russ has always supported Oakwood.  We cannot afford to lose his voice on Council.” - Susan Bray

"Lee Folger once told me that Russ is one of the most courageous men he has ever met—it takes guts to be your own man. That’s the stuff of leadership so keep on keeping on."  - Will Marks

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