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Gale Adcock
Cynthia Ball and Dave Aspnes
Susan and Jim Bray
Betsy Buford and Donald Mathews
Matt and Anne Bullard
Ann and John Campbell
Danette and Lee Carter
Clymer Cease
Hon. Janet Cowell
Julia and Frank Daniels, Jr.
Peggy and Jim Fain
Anne S. Franklin
Susan and Raymond Goodmon
Deborah and Joe Gordon
Greg and Samantha Hatem
Trish and John Healy
Mary and Terry Iverson
Jim Johnson
Sharon O'Neill and Curtis Kasefang
Hiller Spires and Tom Lee

Bobby Lewis
Meredith and Clyde Lundy
Chuck Lysaght
Carole and Rick Marcotte
Will Marks
Nancy and Ron McFarlane
Anne McLaurin and Charles Meeker
Lisa and Bob Meeks
Lou and Burley Mitchell
Tim Morgan
Mack Paul
Annette Byrd and Phil Poe
Roger Perry
Sue and Erv Portman
Kathleen and Mike Rieder
Jo Anne Sanford and Billy Brewer
Miller Sigmon
Sara and Hugh Stohler
Gail and Dave Wiesner
Barbara Wishy and Peter Rumsey
Jim Zanoni


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