Thank You, RWCA!


Thank you, Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association, for endorsing me for reelection. Affordable housing, economic development, transportation, public safety, and community engagement are vital areas of concern for our city and I will continue to work hard to make sure they are accessible and equitable for all citizens.  


Community Based Advocacy Organization, Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association, Endorse Candidates in Municipal Race

Since 1932, the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association (RWCA) has been an influential factor to support progressive policy. As a community based nonpartisan advocacy organization, RWCA seeks to protect, encourage, educate and help Wake County residents in their civic, economic, social, and political advancement.  The organization advocates for public policy that positively affects minority and underserved communities.

During the August meeting, RWCA general membership hosted a non-partisan candidate forum in conjunction with the Wake County Voter Education Coalition, NC Black Women Empowerment Network and members of Raleigh/Wake Pan Hellenic Council.  Host of the forum interviewed local candidates seeking public offices.  Questions reflected issues of importance to individual and collective forum partners.

RWCA M-PAC members said minority and underserved communities are vital to the success of Raleigh and Wake County. They suggest elected bodies and candidates must allocate funding and foster policies that benefit the totality of Raleigh.  More importantly, M-PAC members say far too often Southeast Raleigh and residents that reside in the corridor do not receive equitable resources compared to other areas.

M-PAC members identified affordable housing, economic development, transportation, public safety and community engagement as vital areas of concern for Southeast Raleigh and minority communities.  The proposed slate of candidates to the RWCA general membership best reflect platform issues that align with the priorities of the M-PAC and the general membership.  M-PAC members considered other factors including voting records, outreach to minority leadership, and past campaign promises when applicable.



Candidates at the SE Raleigh Community Candidates Forum

Photo Credit: Edward Jones 


Candidates endorsed by the RWCA general membership for Raleigh City Council include:

Charles T. Francis, Mayor

Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi – At Large Member 

Russell Stephenson – At Large Member

David Cox – District B Representative

Corey Branch – District C Representative

Kay Crowder – District D Representative

Stefanie Mendell – District E Representative


The RWCA meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month at Martin Street Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC.  Residents of Raleigh and Wake County are invited to meetings to share concerns, receive information, and to advocate for progressive policies that positively impact the community.



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